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  3. Guido Gambone Bottle - Short bulbous bottle with turquoise base and top and eye design in dripped deep purple.

  4. Guido Gambone Bottle - Bulbous bottle with short spout detailed with sunface and star designs in yellow with purple and turquoise outlines.

  5. Guido Gambone Bottle - Fine minature spouted vessel with abstract multi-colour feline design on a white background. Glazed in deep purple.

  6. Guido Gambone Bottle - Small bulbous vessel with slender spout. Glazed in crackled white with geometric patterns in bright turquoise outlined with translucent glaze.

  7. Guido Gambone Bottle - Small long necked vessel in deep blue with red and orange detail.

  8. Guido Gambone Bottle - A small fine spouted vessel with assorted geometric turquoise patterns on crackled white glaze.

  9. Guido Gambone Bottle - Contemporary white bottle with multi-coloured circle-in-square design.

  10. Guido Gambone Bottle - Small bulbous vessel with slender spout. Glazed in crackled white with a large orange disc on one side. On the other, assorted geometric patterns in yellow, green and aubergine. The fine spout glazed in acid yellow.

  11. Guido Gambone Bottle - Small fine spouted vessel, glazed in white with green spiral and orange band design. Also decorated with purple zig-zags, circles and other shapes.

  12. Guido Gambone Bottle - Deep green curved bottle with fine geometric pattern in white and purple.

  13. Guido Gambone Bottle - Exeptional bottle, crackle glazed in white with detailed bands of fine lines in deep purple.

  14. Guido Gambone Bottle - Fine spouted vessel with turquoise crackled glaze and orange spiral band.

  15. Guido Gambone Bottle - Tall conical bottle with bulbous spout. Glazed in pale purple with abstract man and woman figures with leaf deign in yellow glaze.

  16. Guido Gambone Bottle - Huge olive green bottle with fine vertical white line pattern and detail in orange.

  17. Guido Gambone Bottle - Fine slender bottle with geometric blue and orange designs on white crackled glaze.

  18. Guido Gambone Bottle - Large white bottle with uniform, multi-coloured circle-in-square design.

  19. Guido Gambone Bottle - Large rounded square section bottle with long tubular spout. Thick snow like frothy white glaze over crackled and heavily pitted oceanic blue base.

  20. Guido Gambone Bottle - Tall tactile bottle with very thick white and orange crackled glaze. Assorted geometric rectangle design with heavily impressed thumb marks and lime green tipped spout.

  21. Guido Gambone Bowl - Brown square footed bowl with deep green and orange stripe design.

  22. Guido Gambone Bowl - Small bowl with popped turquoise base glaze and neolithic fish symbols in light brown.

  23. Guido Gambone Bowl - Small white bowl with dark purple inset grooves and heavily pitted glaze effect.

  24. Guido Gambone Bowl - Irregular shaped, white glazed bowl with orange geometric abstract designs.

  25. Guido Gambone Bowl - Large turquoise bowl with six tactile thumb impressions on the underside. Greko-Roman medallion in center glazed in cream and aubergine brown, surrounded by shield shapes on top side of thumb impressions. The inner top rim decorated with turquoise arrow shapes.

  26. Guido Gambone Bowl - Large orange bowl with mottled brown squares and diamonds around the side.

  27. Guido Gambone Bowl - Thick set circular bowl with finger indented rim, glazed on the outside in heavily pitted turquoise. The inside depicting abstract yellow and purple figure holding two birds and dotted with geometric yellow, green and purple shapes.

  28. Guido Gambone Bowl - Double handled vessel with turquoise crackled glaze.

  29. Guido Gambone Bowl - Large freeform bowl in electric blue pitted glaze with multicolored geometric shapes and interior spiral design.

  30. Guido Gambone Chalice - Straight sided chalice whith earthy olive green and brown banded design.

  31. Guido Gambone Chalice - Pair of monumental chalices with banded geometric freeze design in red and white.

  32. Guido Gambone Cup - Egg cup with light turquoise glaze and green/burgundy linear pattern.

  33. Guido Gambone Cup - Circular cup shaped candle stick holder with a band of blue heart shapes around sides, and squares around the base. Burgundy outlines to hearts and squares.

  34. Guido Gambone Cup - Circular cup shaped candle stick holder with a band of turquoise heart shapes around sides, and squares around the base. Burgundy outlines to hearts and squares.

  35. Guido Gambone Cup - Small cup shaped candle stick holder with yellow glaze and purple tinted band of yellow hearts.

  36. Guido Gambone Dish - Green and deep purple glazed dish with blue and red symbol design.

  37. Guido Gambone Dish - Green and deep purple glazed dish with fine figurative design.

  38. Guido Gambone Dish - Diamond shaped dish with deep blue glaze and orange symbols.

  39. Guido Gambone Dish - A turquoise and yellow veined shallow oak leaf dish with pitted blue underside glaze.

  40. Guido Gambone Dish - Thick rimmed oval dish with tactile multi-cloured face design. Detailed in vivid orange on the eyes and cheeks and a wavey blue band around lower half and pitted hair markings in browny purple.

  41. Guido Gambone Dish - Single handled dish with crackled turquoise glaze with burgundy and green stripe design.

  42. Guido Gambone Figurine - Giraffe figurine in brown and yellow crackle glaze. (Minor damage)

  43. Guido Gambone Figurine - Elephant

  44. Guido Gambone Figurine - Lion

  45. Guido Gambone Figurine - Gambone's trademark donkey figurine, crackle glazed in turquoise with brown and purple markings.

  46. Guido Gambone Figurine - Small pony figurine in light turquoise crackle glaze with detail in olive green.

  47. Guido Gambone Figurine - Double humped camel on oval base with yellow glase and purple geometric shapes.

  48. Guido Gambone Figurine - Heavily pitted, white glazed hand, with large orange disc in palm. Purple arrow running along wrist and star on fingers.

  49. Guido Gambone Figurine - Wild Boar figurine glazed in purple with green markings and white tusks on a blue and white dotted base.

  50. Guido Gambone Figurine - Wild boar figurine with fine pattern in white and deep purple.

  51. Guido Gambone Figurine - Monkey figure with pensive expression and clasped hands. Crackle glazed with turquoise and brown markings.

  52. Guido Gambone Figurine - Leaping goat handled basket in pitted yellow and purple tinted glaze. With detail and band design in purple.

  53. Guido Gambone Figurine - Pair of seated women in slab style holding small bowls with white base glaze and detail in turquoise and brown.

  54. Guido Gambone Jug - Small crackle glazed jug in pale yellow with raised square panel relief.

  55. Guido Gambone Lamp - Large cylindrical shaped lamp base with a design showing 4 multi-coloured tropical fish and an aquatic motif. With original cable outlet on base.

  56. Guido Gambone Lamp - Tall lamp base with dimpled sides and turquoise banded square pattern.

  57. Guido Gambone Lamp - Dimpled lamp base with a geometric design in turquise and deep purple pitted glaze.

  58. Guido Gambone Lamp - Large triangular, dimpled lamp base with deep purple angluar shapes on white crackle glaze. (Drilled base)

  59. Guido Gambone Lamp - Pair of fine white crackle glazed vases with green and purple diamond patterned bands.

  60. Guido Gambone Panel - Large and rare panel with abstract linear figurative design.

  61. Guido Gambone Plate - Square, yellow rimmed plate with orange and deep purple base glaze and fine abstract motif.

  62. Guido Gambone Plate - Square shallow rimmed plate with a brown outlined geometric figure in orange, red, turquoise, blue and green on dark charcoal pitted glaze.

  63. Guido Gambone Plate - Small square plate with lime green crackled base glaze and geometric red/yellow symbols.

  64. Guido Gambone Plate - Large plate with deep turqouise base glaze with red abstract design.

  65. Guido Gambone Pot - Small circular two piece pot with rounded edges and multi-coloured rectangle design.

  66. Guido Gambone Pot - Small fine turquoise pot with 'M M' inscription on lid and radial striped bands.

  67. Guido Gambone Pot - Circular lidded pot in white crackled glaze. Detailed with sea blue splash-like freeform shapes outlined in deep purple.

  68. Guido Gambone Sculpture - Extremely heavy, large spouted, sculptured jug with neolithic sea gazelle motif in very thick turquoise and white dripped glaze. Very rare signature.

  69. Guido Gambone Sculpture - Monumental sculpture with lime green crackled base glaze and orange drip bands.

  70. Guido Gambone Vase - A black and turquoise checker board design on pitted white glaze, with turquoise band on inside rim.

  71. Guido Gambone Vase - An oval shaped vase in heavily pitted aubergine glaze showing three panels containing fish shapes on either side in brown and yellow glaze.

  72. Guido Gambone Vase - Fine triangular-sided vase on a small rectangular base. Glazed in translucent olive green with forest green patches.

  73. Guido Gambone Vase - Large thick sided, tubular vase with a band of olive green diamond symbols.

  74. Guido Gambone Vase - Single pinched white vase showing neolithic animal design in lemon yellow with brown outlines.

  75. Guido Gambone Vase - Vase with geometric white and blue triangular pattern.

  76. Guido Gambone Vase - White vase with red and blue bands at base and neolithic animal persuit scene with dripped glaze effect.

  77. Guido Gambone Vase - Cylindrical vase decorated with 16 tactile thumb imprints with green leaf design on white ovals. Glazed in plumb brown with white and green lip.

  78. Guido Gambone Vase - Figurative vase with double pinch at top and facial design in turquoise and white.

  79. Guido Gambone Vase - Large deep green vase with multiple geometric symbols.

  80. Guido Gambone Vase - Large orange vase with mottled brown rectangle on both sides and brown inner lip.

  81. Guido Gambone Vase - Large rectangular vase in white crackled glaze. The sides showing stellar constellations in deep green.

  82. Guido Gambone Vase - Large turquoise vase with multiple geometric symbols.

  83. Guido Gambone Vase - Large double spouted vessel in heavily pitted cream and yellow glaze with yellow squares outlined in aubergine brown.

  84. Guido Gambone Vase - White glazed rectangular vase with four indented lines to sides. Geometric shapes in fire orange with pale lime green markings within some of the shapes and on the rim.

  85. Guido Gambone Vase - Massive eared vase, coil made, with heavily indented finger markings. Glazed in deep blue with abstract bird forms.

  86. Miscellaneous - An exceptional buddhist figure in black lacquered wood. Radio carbon dated to circa 1150 AD.

  87. Miscellaneous - Copper bowl enamelled on top surface in ocean blue, surrounded by textured copper lip.

  88. Miscellaneous - Small spouted vessel in purple and yellow glaze with 3 scenes depicting dancing Pan figures (man/goat). Finished in a high gloss fine glaze. The spout is coloured in bright turquoise.

  89. Miscellaneous - Extraordinary abstract freeform metal bowl with highly textured bronze dripping around the outside. Very rare and unusual piece.

  90. Miscellaneous - Cupid carves his bow out of Hercules's club. Ravrio & Co. patinated bronze clock. 1810

  91. Miscellaneous - French Empire ormolu, fire guilded, clock of Cupid and Venus. Dial signed by Lepine.

  92. Miscellaneous - French Empire ormolu, fire guilded, clock of Apollo with lyre.

  93. Miscellaneous - Pair of French Empire ormolu, fire guilded, candle sticks mounted on round bases with mother of pearl trim. Figures holding garlands of flowers.

  94. Miscellaneous - French Empire ormolu fire guilded clock of Apollo with lyre. Dial signed by Comminges Palais Royal 62. Each casting stamped by Chibout & Rabiat.

  95. Miscellaneous - Pair of French Empire ormolu fire guilded cassollettes depicting female harpin figures.

  96. Miscellaneous - Pair of Louix XV ormolu, fire guilded, figurines depicting a boy and girl holding garlands of tulips.

  97. Miscellaneous - Buff vessel by Iris Nampayo with petruding swirl corn cob motif. Highly polished fine glaze.

  98. Miscellaneous - Highly polished Maria Martinez red/brown earthen pot with repeating abstract traditional native american pueblo design. Signed Marie & Santana.

  99. Miscellaneous - Exceptionally rare beach wood Piero Fornasetti cabinet with detailed gold leaf chinoiserie design. Made in 1958

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